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Can people from many races, cultures, denominations, financial status' and other backgrounds work together constructively to establish God's Kingdom here on earth? Are there truly master-keys that will unlock the stronghold of racism, religiosity, ignorance, poverty, sickness, and disease in people's lives? Apostle Matthew Shaw, senior pastor of Faith & Power Worship Center, says that it’s not only possible, but it is essential to fulfill our purpose.

During Pastor Shaw's time of leading the church body of Faith & Power, which began in 1999, Faith & Power has trained and released hundreds (if not thousands) of kingdom soldiers and ministers. He continues to nurture the souls of approximately 150 - 200 that meets each week to worship in Apopka, FL. He desires his congregants take leadership of most every ministry effort inside the church, out in the community and around the world. He believes that the Elders and pastors should not try to control the initiatives of congregants or the connections they make, and they don’t need to watch over their shoulders unnecessarily. Pastor Matt encourages the congregants to be faithful, accountable, available, and teachable.

Before starting Faith & Power Worship Center, Pastor Matt served the country as an officer in the Army for 8 years before leaving Germany and following a dream to play in the NFL. After being cut by the Denver Broncos in 1981, he brought his family to Central Florida and resumed his career as a government employee for another 18 years. God's hand on his life was clear during this time and he found ways to minister and evangelize. Pastor Shaw started a bible study in his living room that eventually grew into a church that is now in existence. He had no desire to be a pastor of a church, mainly because of his early childhood encounters of hypocritical preachers. Eventually, he would overcome those obstacles as years later, he served as an Elder and Men's Ministry Leader at Faith World Center in Orlando, FL for 5 years. He and his wife, Pamela, have been married since 1974 and have partnered together in the full-time ministry since graduating from Judah Bible College in 1998. Pamela is the former executive of a major staffing firm in Orlando. She now ministers to the Women of Excellence, the Faith & Power congregation, and Pastors Wives and Christian Women Networks. The Shaws are parents to four sons and four daughter-in-laws: Jeffrey (Courtney), CEO of FIT 2-B FREE Ministries; Dominick (Diana), Executive Pastor of Faith & Power with a heart of worship; Jonathan (Valentina), a Major Market Account Rep with Paychex and songwriter; and Derrick (Amaryllis), a 2010 Major League Baseball draftee of the Milwaukee Brewers. The Shaws have eight grandchildren.


During a time of reverence and worship, God clearly spoke to Pastor Matt that the work shall be called, “Faith & Power Worship Center.” In obedience to God, Pastor Matt began the work and has totally committed his life to deliver God's Word to every ear that will hear. He encourages and empowers people of all cultures and denominations to tear down the walls that divide. “Walls of racism, religiosity, ignorance, poverty and sickness must be ripped down in order to fulfill our purpose and live lives of significance.” Pastor Matt approaches many of today’s issues from a biblical and revelatory position. He has become known to speak out on issues clearly depicted in Scripture as non-negotiables.


To move in the pure and perfect love of God is the objective of Faith & Power. Through uncompromised truth, prayer, the healing and deliverance anointing, and personal reach, Pastor Shaw believes that we can accomplish our personal spiritual mandate; to love one another. How can the world tell that we are the children of God? By the love that we have, one toward another! To accomplish this, we don't have to give up our unique identities. We need one another’s differences. We are like a stew with all the good vegetables, and not a melting pot where everything loses its unique quality. You can taste a little bit of the celery, corn, and carrots when you take a bite of the potato. That's what makes the stew so good, and that's what makes the church body so good to God.

Pastor Matt, a respected leader in the Evangelical community, has served on the Son Shine Network board of the IPHC and was the organization’s ambassador for diversity affairs. He was anointed as an Apostle by Apostle Sunday Adelaja of the The Embassy of the Blessed Kingdom of God for All Nations in Kiev, Ukraine. This encounter, along with receiving the "Apostle Paul" award during his Bible College graduation was reason enough for him to accept the enormous calling. Apostle Shaw has established a Godly foundation in which many can build their eternal lives upon and trust that God has them right where He wants them. Some may receive the word of instruction by revelation and others by situations.

Apostle Shaw intends on continuing his efforts to strengthen the moral fabric of our society by calling males to become men, females to become women, fathers to become daddies, mothers to be mommies, and Christians to be kings and queens, full of God's love and power and walk in the authority of a citizen of Heaven.

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